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Accounting and Audit services

Financial audit
Financial audit, ISA, IFRS or/and national standards;
Special audit ISRE 2400-2410; ISAE 3000; ISRS 4400;
Partial audit for one or more financial statements components ISA 800;
Making the financial statements;
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Bookkeeping and accounting
Financial accounting and bookkeeping;
Analyzing the financial situations specific to your activity;
Repairing book-keeping;
Elaborating the financial situations in compliance with international regulations;
Elaborating the balance sheet, the forms and reports for taxes, the P&L sheets;
Making budget;
Judicial or extra judicial auditing;
Making a partial externalization of some financial accounting services (wages, assets accounting & depreciation);
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Taxes and duties
Professional assistance regarding the level of taxation applicable to your company;
Taxes charged on person profit;
Taxes charged on firm profit;
Professional assistance to avoid a double taxation of the income; VAT;
Social insurances;
Solutions for an optimum pay of taxes and to minimize them in compliance with the effective laws;
Professional assistance provided to the taxpayer during fiscal auditing;
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Financial and fiscal consultancy
The financial and cash flow analysis; the liabilities analysis;
Consultancy for sharing, consolidation and liquidation operations;
Professional assistance during due diligence processes.
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